Fitness Instructor Gemma Tells How Zumba Helped Her Shed Five Stone And Find New Lease Of Life

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It was more like going to a party than going to the gym for a workout and I started looking forward to my classes, which gave me a buzz for days. Gemma had tried to lose weight herself over the years and tried everything from slimming classes to faddy diets but nothing helped. I didnt own a set of scales, so I only noticed that I was losing weight when my clothes began to feel baggy. Thats when I discovered Id lost a stone. From then on, the weight just fell off me and thenew me began to emerge, added Gemma, who ditched herhigh-fat, high-sugar junk food diet and startedeating lean meat, fruit, vegetables and brown rice and pasta, with crackers and peanut butter as snacks. After six months of Zumba, Gemma dropped five stone and fitted into size eight jeans.
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Gemma weighed 15 stone before her weight loss

It also has a unique business model. The band is free but you pay for the coaching only (and you can keep the band if you dont want to pay for the coaching). And 1,000 Indians get to be the first to be part of the pilot project before it gets a worldwide release. GoQii could be a game changer worldwide and one that really does something out of the box.
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3 Fitness Vacations for Mind and Body

Place To Ride a Bike We have some fantastic venues in the area for bike riders, who put the kickstand up at the Augusta Canal first and foremost. Next is North Augustas Greeneway, a place so environmentally friendly that they put three Es in its name. Voters say Riverwalk is third-best biking spot. Best-Kept Recreational Secret Number one honors go to Augusta Canal boat rides (1450 Greene St.), providing a nice reminder that recreation can sometimes involve zero physical activity.
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Why fitness trackers could be big game changers

This is a great option for those looking to lose weight and those that are encouraged to work out in group settings. The combination of personal trainers guiding you through the body-sculpting classes, dietitians fueling your workouts while satisfying your taste buds, and a p90X3 group of people with similar goals will help you along on your fitness journey. The Biggest Loser Resorts come to mind as one of the most popular options, but a quick search yields dozens more. Make the Most of Your Vacation Even when youre not on a fitness themed vacation you can still incorporate physical activity for maximum calorie burn. Simply walking when possible can add up to hundreds of calories burned.
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